is a high-sensitivity, high-speed touch-and-stop system that can be mounted on any arm in any industrial environment. T-Skin triggers an instant shutdown when the arm is touched in any place, immediately raising safety levels and freeing up production space.


Specially designed for industrial environments, with double loop and disconnect sensory function. CE and UL certification as well as ISO/TS 15066 impact test report offers total safety protection.


Raise output per unit of area, free up space, continuous non-stop operation, both safe and efficient

Easy to Install

Plug-in-and-play for an upgrade in just 30 minutes. 

Application case

Client A is an electronics contract manufacturer. The client planned to use human-robot collaboration to raise per capita contribution and update its production lines. To meet the ISO 10218-2 regulations for robot arm safety, T-Skin offered a solution to immediately achieve safe and efficient production with human-robot collaboration

Client B is an SMT contract manufacturer whose production levels have been limited by high staff turnover. The client thought to introduce robots but corridor space was insufficient to install large fences. T-Skin solved this problem, optimizing production space while guaranteeing safety.

Client C is an engineer working on automation upgrades for an auto manufacturer. Fitting a chassis to a car requires workers to fasten the screws. But the job takes a toll on workers’ waists, leading to frequent worker shortages due to work-related injury. The client thought to introduce robots for the task, while also wanting to ensure the safety of nearby workers. A System Integrator company introduced T-Skin, which immediately resolved the worker shortage and safety issues.

10 N
Response time
< 5 ms
24V DC/ NC(Normal Closed)
Protection level
IP 54

The demo video, “Comparison the safety function between industrial robot with T-Skin and cobot.