AR + AI Vision System

META-aivi Product Description

META-aivi boosts frontline productivity for tasks requiring human dexterity, integrating effortlessly with devices like AR glasses, smartphones, and IP cameras. This solution can help frontline workers reduce errors through custom AI models that only require a few images to be trained. Utilized in surveillance, SOP validation, counting, and analog meter reading, META-aivi is vital for elevating workplace intelligence and efficiently training new staff, establishing itself as a crucial asset in areas where human dexterity is still required.

By leveraging the potential of augmented intelligence with META-aivi, companies can expedite the digitization of workflows and effectively bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled workers. This transformative technology significantly reduces the cost of human error whilst improving safety, enhancing security, and optimizing work performance.

With its versatile capabilities and ability to be customized and tailored to meet specific industry or user needs, META-aivi offers a unique hybrid automation solution for organizations looking to advance to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

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What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented intelligence, also known as IA, represents a powerful synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence, working together to amplify human capabilities instead of replacing them.

The primary objective of IA is to empower individuals to effectively address challenges and enhance decision-making by harnessing the analytical prowess of AI. By processing massive volumes of data, IA minimizes biases and errors, ultimately delivering valuable and actionable insights.

This transformative technology is revolutionizing frontline industries, equipping users with the ability to swiftly make well-informed decisions. As a result, productivity levels soar, and decision-making reaches new heights across all organizational levels.


META-aivi Versatility

Deployable in wearable/portable form or fixed in place, META-aivi offers unparalleled versatility and seamless integration with existing processes and systems. This advanced vision system is compatible with a wide range of smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, body cameras, and AR glasses, making META-aivi the leading choice for leveraging the power of machine vision through regular everyday smart devices.

Tablet / Smartphone

AR Glasses

IP Cam / Body Cam

META-aivi works on Android devices, bringing the power of machine vision right to your fingertips. With META-aivi, there’s no need for specialized hardware or extensive training. Instead, experience the convenience and flexibility of using regular smartphones and tablets upgraded with machine vision capabilities. This groundbreaking development makes advanced AI technology accessible to a broader range of users. META-aivi deployed through mobile devices empowers operators with a simple-to-use portable vision system that optimizes work performance and minimizes human error, ensuring maximum efficiency.

AR Glasses

META-aivi is designed to work seamlessly with RealWear Smart Glasses, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to facilitate accelerated on-the-job training and upskilling. With hands-free operation and intuitive voice command control, users can enhance efficiency and productivity in their tasks. The inclusion of remote support capabilities enables real-time assistance, promoting effective collaboration and fostering knowledge exchange within the workforce. META-aivi unlocks the full potential of smart glasses technology through machine vision, empowering frontline teams with immersive, interactive, and efficient training experiences that elevate skill development and drive success.

IP Cam / Body Cam

META-aivi’s smart surveillance capability is compatible with IP cameras and body cams, allowing for easy integration with mobile and fixed surveillance systems. This feature enables companies to remotely monitor operations or facilities using advanced AI-powered augmented reality technology to improve the safety and security of property and personnel. META-aivi enhances the effectiveness of surveillance systems to turn them into intelligent vision systems, making them more capable than ever before.

META-aivi Features

Portable Machine Vision

META-aivi integrates with smart technology glasses, AR devices, tablets, smartphones, and body cams—combining machine vision with the range and flexibility of human motion—thereby increasing output while reducing the risk, and cost, of human error.

Compatible with RealWear Smart Glasses

By combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality into one neat wearable solution, META-aivi helps companies accelerate new staff training and upskill their workforce in real-time through the use of smart glasses technology.

Few Training Samples Required

META-aivi offers easy-to-use data augmentation tools that allow users to simulate different real-life scenarios. Needing 90% fewer samples than typically required by AI inspection software, our portable vision system significantly reduces the time engineers have to spend labeling.

No Programming Required

META-aivi provides simple data augmentation tools that enable users to simulate various scenarios, streamlining the process of deep learning.

Smart Surveillance Capability

META-aivi is compatible with IP cameras, enabling integration with surveillance systems to facilitate smart remote monitoring.

Deployable in Offline Mode

META-aivi can work offline and connect to a local server. With power and wireless or wired connectivity to a local server, operators in the field or at off-site/remote locations can still use META-aivi, without requiring internet access.

Integration with PTC Vuforia Engine

META-aivi seamlessly integrates with PTC’s Vuforia. This integration enhances Vuforia Engine and empowers frontend workers to accurately follow instructions, verify machine settings, and validate parameters with ease

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SOP Validation

Confirm that frontline staff correctly follow SOPs with precision:

  • Machine setting
  • Cable wiring
  • Maintenance checks


Perform instant machine recognition for fast and accurate counting:

  • Parts inventory audit
  • Kitting for assembly
  • Tools/equipment inventory management

Quality / Safety Inspection

Identify defects and ensure compliance with safety standards to mitigate risks:

  • Foreign object detection
  • Low-volume high-mix production
  • Welding defects

Identification & Classification

Ensure items are correctly identified and organized:

  • Item verification
  • Simple retail checkout
  • Product categorization

Optical Character Recognition

Streamline identifying, reading, and recording characters/numbers/text:

  • Meter/gauge reading
  • Part number identification
  • Misprinted labels

META-aivi Specifications



META-aivi Compatible Devices