AccuPick – SmartPack

Intelligent Packaging Solution

AccuPick – SmartPack

Intelligent Packaging Solution

AccuPick – SmartPack

Intelligent Packaging Solution

Solomon AccuPick SmartPack represents the state-of-the-art robotic pick-and-place packaging solution (Intelligent Packaging Solution). Powered by advanced AI and 3D vision, SmartPack ensures boxes/bins are filled optimally for various types of packaging applications. Beyond automating a traditionally manual task, SmartPack generates a superior return on investment by reducing the dimensional weight of the packages, lowering both shipping costs and the amount of packaging materials used.

Robotize multi-SKU packaging

Save on dimensional weight

Go green, reduce packaging materials

Improve social distancing in the warehouse

Human-like vision to locate diverse objects

SmartPack relies on advanced neural networks and 3D vision to pick an unlimited amount of SKUs without being taught what they individually look like. This makes SmartPack uniquely suitable to handle a wide variety of items that are typically stored in fulfillment centers, logistics hubs, and corporate warehouses.

Vision controlled grippers to ensure the smooth handling of different objects

SmartPack may be used with a patented gripper that makes it possible to adjust its contact areas based on the size of the objects identified by the 3D vision system. This intelligent gripping system ensures that the small nearby items are not accidentally picked by large suction cups, while generating sufficient suction power to hold onto larger items when they are transported by the robot.

Fast dimensioning and precise placement of the objects in a box

Whether it’s identifying the right box size to fit a customer order, or filling a container methodically to minimize the slacked space, SmartPack can quickly scan the dimensions of the individual SKUs to be picked. This allows the system to instantly locate the optimal position in the box or bin in which the picked item should be placed.

Award-winning UI with seamless integration with all major robot brands

A winner of 2020 Red Dot Best of Best award, AccuPick SmartPack comes with a simple user interface which can be used to build dierent packaging applications without any code writing. Furthermore SmartPack can be easily integrated with all major robot brands, PLCs, and WMS communications. Integrating multiple robots to increase throughput can also be easily set up through the UI.

Smart Packaging Solution Scenario

AccuPick – SmartPack

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